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Jennie is the founder of The Pilates Scene and a Cut Bank, MT native. After graduating from the University of Montana in health and human performance specialized in health enhancement, she moved back to the flathead valley and found a deeper passion for fitness. Jennie completed her intensive pilates training through BASI Pilates (body arts and science international) and now is pursuing the legacy program through BASI Pilates. Jennie is also a Booty Barre Instructor and is certified to teach TRX. Owning a studio was never a dream of Jennie's. Unsure of where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do, teaching was the only thing she felt confident in. She wanted to be able to helps others. Committing to working out is never easy, but if she could make it fun and exciting with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, just maybe, it might make is easier for others to bring themselves to classes. 

Stephanie is a born and raised Flathead Valley resident with a passion for healthy living. She has been at The Pilates Scene from the beginning and has a taught a wide variety of classes. After spending 5 years teaching yoga and strength, she decided to give a Pilates Instructor course a whirl and completely fell in love. She is now a Certified Mat and Reformer Instructor through Balanced Body. Pilates has personally opened her eyes and been a huge asset for injury recovery and learning how amazing your body can feel, even after years of chronic pain.  Her goal is to help you become strong so your daily life and hobbies become safer and more enjoyable.






Cathy was raised in Bend, Oregon and relocated to the Flathead Valley after graduate school with a degree in Exercise Science and a degree in Sports Medicine. She is certified as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Yoga Instructor, and Health Coach. Cathy Believes that movement, intention, and breathe can help balance the mind, body and spirit, promoting greater peace and serenity as we move through our busy and often chaotic lives. Cathy is committed to helping people become more engaged in their health and wellness. Her love yoga and helping others shines through in her classes. 


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Ashley is a pilates enthusiast who recently took her pilates instructor training and is working on becoming a Pilates Instructor Graduate. Practice makes perfect and she has been practicing away in the studio. You will find Ashley teaching in the studio from time to time, taking a class, or observing classes in the studio.

Emily has been practicing Pilates since 2017 and began teacher training through Balanced Body in 2020. Her dedication to the practice evolved as she felt her body respond with increased strength and stability and decreased pain and injury. Emily looks forward to introducing the magic of Pilates to new clients who are ready to transform their bodies through mindful movement. 

Meagan is a born and raised Flathead Valley local.  From college athletics to competitive dance, movement has always been a very important part of life.  After moving back to the valley after college, Meagan got her Booty Barre training and TRX certification and has taught in the valley for over five years. Meagan strives to make classes fun, challenging and approachable for all fitness levels and ages. Don't be fooled by her sweet persona. She is a spitfire in class and will push you to new levels in your fitness routine. 



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