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What is pilates?

Testimonies from our clients

How would you desribe pilates to someone who has never tried it?

A mind/body exercise method focusing on the core, strength and flexibility. You always feel better walking out than when you walked in.

A full body workout focusing on core strength. Great for shoulders and pelvic floor.

A low impact full body workout with great results.

It is focused on strengthening your core and stabilizing muscles. Also great for posture!

It helps me stretch and made my pregnancy easier. 

It corrected a lot of my low back pain.

Consistently taking mat pilates reduces my consistent back pain, strengthens my body & builds strength for skiing & hiking. 

Enjoyable way to keep active and in shape.  Enjoyable group of instructors and students.

It makes me happy! It keeps me moving! It’s helped my muscle tone, strength, and flexibility.

The fellowship is wonderful. The routine keeps me focused and my overall health has improved.

I'm stronger, have more energy and better posture.

Where do I begin! It keeps me doing all the things I LOVE to do! I’m in my 70th year and have cancer everywhere in my body… but with Pilates I still ski! Waterski! Travel the world! And the BEST part… is with Pilates I am an active grandma who gets to play with my two little granddaughters!

I enjoy it and therefore, I attend regularly and look forward to classes and duets. I am mature so the strength and flexibility I achieve from Pilates is very important to insure bone and muscle mass.

It helps me gain more stability and mobility hence being more active.

How has pilates benefited
your life?

What keeps you coming back?

The instructors are the best. They bring great energy to the classes. We always have a great time! And it seems we are always laughing! The people that come to the classes are so FUN!! The vibe at the Pilates Scene couldn’t get any better!! It feels like family. I LOVE IT!

I like the pricing options and all of the instructors. The others in attendance have become friends and I enjoy the social outlet. The studio is a positive place to be.

The instructors, the benefits I feel and the environment.

The vibe. The instructors, the customers, and the overall fun and feel.

Great teachers and a great atmosphere while doing exercise I love.

Very helpful, patient, relaxed, flexible and non-judgmental staff.

It's a fun, supportive, positive environment with upbeat instructors.

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