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Group Classes

Our fitness classes continue to grow and find new ways to challenge and change up your fitness routine. We offer a variety of classes such as Mat Pilates, Barre and Full Body Strength Circuit to increase your endurance, gain strength, and length with our fitness classes. These classes are booked with our Punch Cards or Memberships.

Check out our video below to see these classes in action.


The Reformer

These classes will take your Pilates practice to the next level using the Pilates Reformer. The studio uses the BASI Systems apparatus’ which is known for its finely crafted equipment. Any class that states "Reformer" will be using the BASI Systems Reformer. This class is booked with our Punch Cards or Memberships.

Check our video below to see how we use the Reformer.

ski conditioning



Looking for a class to get you ready to ski the slopes, better your golf swing, or to climb those mountains? 

We offer 6 week class series specialized in indoor and outdoor activities. Check out our upcoming series.

Pilates for Hikers

  • May 21st - July 2nd (6 sessions for $120)

  • Love to hike? We have a class for you. Let us help you soar to new peaks this summer as we take you through this 8 week class. Pilates For Hikers will meet once a week. Using the pilates method, this class will help strengthen your core, gain muscle strength, increase agility, and find balance as you are hiking and stepping on those uneven surfaces on the trail.

Pilates for Skier
  • Coming back Fall of 2024

  • Pilates for skiers is a class for those looking to gain strength, endurance, balance, and core strength for the ski season. It is not only designed to condition the body, but to help the body ski longer days and give the proper mechanics and tools to shield the body from injury during the ski season.

Private Enrollments

Gather a group of 4-6 friends together to create a 6-week pilates program specific for you.​

  • $120 per person for 6 sessions

  • examples: skiing, hiking, pickle ball, tennis and so much more

We also offer monthly memberships and Punch Cards
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